Saturday, July 5, 2008

Here we are

Wanna see my cuties? Here they are...

It's Saturday, July 5 and we are at home. It's been rainy today so we haven't been able to be outside. The boys are getting cabin fever and it's driving me a little crazy. We'll probably go to the video store and get something to watch for the evening. Maybe we'll have some company and just relax and watch tv. Meanwhile, I'm setting up this blog and getting all my scrapbooking stuff organized. I've got tons of traditional scrapbooking supplies to organize along with all the digital stuff I'm starting to collect. But it's fun...learning new things and trying to get inspired to use what I have.

I told myself that if I started this blog I would use it to post my pages as I made them. I've got to devise a point system, though. Digital pages can be worth 1 point and a full-on scrapbook page with all the goodies, scanned and posted can be worth 5. If I can get 15 points or more per week, maybe I can reward myself with something good - like more scrapbook stuff!!

So you might wonder why my name is "McScraps5". Well, our last name is McDaniel and there are 5 of us and I'm a scrapper. When I first started using this name, there were only 4 of us - me, dh, and two sons. In March 2008 we added son #3, so I'm using the "5" now to accurately count the number of people I scrap for in my household.


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