Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oscar in a box

My baby has been left behind. This week we broke down and sent Howard and David to daycare. It was something we should have done from the beginning of summer but didn't want to. Now we see it was the best thing we could have done. They were bored and constantly in trouble here at the office with us. At least at daycare they can play outside, run around, play with their toys, and just be kids! That leaves Oscar alone again with us. I think he doesn't mind the boys being gone, it's definitely quieter for him. I think the boys riled him up too much during the day and wore him out all the time. Now he can play at his leisure and get our attention.

It's funny to turn around from the computer and find him playing in the box. He takes off his shoes and puts them in the box then dumps them out. He gets in the box and out. He sits in the box and gets stuck. At least he hasn't cried about it.


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