Friday, October 3, 2008

Bad Boys of Football

I don't have little boys anymore - they are MEN!

Howard and David had their first midget football game this past Saturday, September 27 against the Asherton Trojans. I had seen them in their football gear for a couple of weeks already, for practice. But seeing them fully decked out in their jerseys and pads and playing against another team really set in that they are growing up.

I sat on the sidelines with the #1 fan - Oscar - who didn't pay one bit of attention to his brothers on the field. He wanted to be entertained with whatever I could give him. He ended up having some gatorade and chips. It lasted for a while and I got some photos totally worthy of any football magazine.

When I look at this photo, I love that Howard is so into helping his younger brother, David. They are typical brothers, fighting if given the chance, but I know that David loves Howard so much and Howard loves his brother, too.

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