Friday, July 24, 2009

A haircut can change a man...

I was doing a little bit of organization for my scrapbooking and as I was downloading photos from my phone to computer, I came across these two. They were taken before and after Oscar's last haircut. It just strikes me how funny it is that the simplest thing can change how he looks.

In these photos I see him looking like a toddler, to looking like a pre-schooler. Okay, maybe not much difference, but relatively speaking it is. He's only a few months past 2 years. But he easily looks at least 3 after the haircut.

In fact, when we went to Fiesta Texas and I went through the stroller lane and showed my pass to get in the attendant asked for Oscar's pass too. I told her he was only 2 and she gave me a dirty look as if I were lying about his age to get him in! Although I'm in no hurry to have him grow up, I promise I'm not trying to hold him back either.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Working on the house

Over the last week we've been working on making this flower bed around the front of the house. We layed out the bricks to get a design, adn then had to bring in sand to level the ground. Once we got to where it was even, we layed the first row and with a mallet we leveled brick by brick. Don't think that Howard was doing all the work! I did my share.

Over the weekend we then had to bring in dirt from the hill in the backyard to build up in front of the wall so it wouldn't crumble in case of rain. I've got blisters to show that I worked to get that dirt spread out.

Then yesterday we even started laying out how we wanted the wall on the left side of the house. We're going to need some more dirt...and my blisters to heal!