Thursday, January 21, 2010

He gets photographed a lot!

Day 20

Before going digital, well I should say, when Howie was born I was not a digital camera person. We had a digital camera, and let me tell you, an 8mb card was BIG! So I had a regular film camera. Then I got an SLR when David was born. Yes, I took lots of photos of both of them. Tons. I have boxes of duplicates, a box of negatives, a binder of cds with the photos that were digitally saved when I had the filmed processed.

But within the last few years, and certainly since Oscar was born, the digital technology has gotten to be less expensive and easier to own and operate. I have a digital SLR that I use for big events. I have a small point-and-shoot digital camera that I carry in my purse. And I use my iPhone to take photos of anything and everything on the go.

While Howard and David are used to me taking photos of them, and they generally smile and sometimes pose, they cannot compare to Oscar. I take more pictures of this child than I can keep up with. And he TELLS me when to photograph him. "Mom, take a picture of me!" he says when he knows he's being a ham. Or if he sees me get out my phone for anything, he thinks it's to take his photo. And he knows how to take the photos with my camera(s) too! Then he wants me to show him his photo on the playback. That's the part he likes best...seeing himself.

And why shouldn't he, he's such a cutie!

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The big boy haircut sans tears

Day 19


Finally this poor boy's momma took him for a haircut. His hair was really getting long and everyday we would say it was time for a haircut, but neither Howard nor I would take him. I couldn't stand it any longer (pun intended).

A little trip to the barber...gave him a candy...he sat in that chair and did not argue, cry, or whine in the slightest. First time! I think that's why we hesitate to take him for a haircut is because he has cried so much in the past, as if it hurt him. Apparently, giving him a candy is the key!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Being appreciated

Day 18

Wow!! This was the best apprecation gift I've gotten for something that I chose to do of my own free will.

January is school board appreciation month. For the previous year's that I've been on the board, I always felt guilty that the schools would spend money to buy us appreciation gifts. I truly did appreciate the gifts but would have loved for the kids to benefit from that money instead. And finally the campuses must have understood that. This year each campus made a dessert for a chosen board member. And I was lucky enough to be chosen by the campus that my sister teaches at and my children attend - CSE.

Mary had asked me about a week ago what my favorite dessert was, but I didn't really question why she wanted to know. I found out! She made me the "bestest" cheesecake ever!! After the meeting was over, Howard and I both had a good taste of it as evidenced by the forks sitting on the plate. Thanks CSE and Mary!!


Again with the serving of Catch-Up!

I did it again. Kept holding on to those photos in different cameras til I could get some time to play. But here are the last few days...

Day 14
Big Daddy made the show and avoided the sift easily, at 240 pounds. But before he could get into the ring he really needed to be washed down. Howie got in there and scrubbed that hog down good.

Day 15
This was Howard's first year showing an animal for 4-H and the stock show. He was very confident and had to keep ignoring instructions from me, Mom, and Cristy. He said we were just too distracting!

Day 16
I love this photo. The whole weekend was about Howard with hs animals. But instead of getting another show photo, I was able to get these boys loving each other for a change instead of fighting! David was very proud of Howard and Oscar just loves his brothers!

Day 17
Believe it or not, I still put Oscar to nap in my arms. He's a big boy, but sometimes that comfort just helps him drift off before I put him to bed. Now, this is only for naps! He goes to bed on his own at night. Otherwise, I don't think I'd have any feeling left in my arm.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Playing Catch-Up, not Ketchup

For almost a week now I have neglected posting my photos from Project 365. I have been keeping up with the photos, though. So here we go...

Day 8

Spent the better part of the day updating iTunes and getting Howie's iPod ready for his birthday. Had some drama at Wal-Mart because the $50 iTunes card that came with the iPod had not been activated. So I basically had to prove to Wal-Mart that I had not stolen the card and that it was through their mistake that my card was not activated. Took about an hour, but it finally got straightened out. I can't wait for him to open this present!

Day 9

Woo hoo! Howard was able to get someone to come and put in our attic door/ladder so that we can get up there and store stuff. We actually have A LOT of room up there and if we had been smart in the beginning, we would have made part of this house two-story right where the attic is now. There is a ton of room up there. We need to get some plywood up there for flooring. Eventually we'll get some makeshift walls up in there for shelving. I'm excited!!

Day 10

Family photo on Howie's birthday. I'm so proud of him. He's 9 today, but sometimes it feels like he's older. Then he does something silly!

I made him a devil's food cake, at his request, with milk chocolate frosting and chocolate chips. Talk about sugar attack! And, of course, he loved the iPod that he got for his birthday.

Day 11

The weather was good today! A little chilly, but after work we were able to go outside with the kiddos and let them play a little basketball. Thankfully, the weather should be getting better soon enough to do this on a regular basis. They are not so fun when they are cooped up in the house!

Day 12

For some reason, both Howie and Oscar woke up sick today. Not just a little sick, but vomiting sick. And it was I HAD to be at work. Howard stayed with them and cleaned up after them all day at the house. He took this photo of Oscar after he had taken in some gatorade and poor baby fell asleep on the sofa. He and Howie had a rough day!

Oops, no Day 13 photo!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Denise activated my sweet tooth

Day 7

I was minding my own business at work, when my friend Denise posted on Facebook that she had made cupcakes with her daughter. While I would have loved to have just inivted myself over to her house and let her share her fresh cupcakes with me, I couldn't. Nooooo, Denise has to live out of state with her sweet cupcakes!

So the rest of the afternoon I kept dreaming about cupcakes...and I finally made a batch about 8 pm! It's okay, I won't eat them all. I even took some to my other friend, Nelly. And of course, I'll share with the kids!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The paint is dry

Day 6

After stamping my album last night, I had to let it dry. But tonight I finished it off! I was happy with the results and hope to fill up the pages over the next few days.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Me" time

Day 5

I had some time to myself today while Howard took the boys to Hondo to pick up the newspaper. It was a little weird to have the house quiet, but I made good use of the time.

A while back I had cut out a page from a scrapbooking magazine that had a customized cover on a Close To My Heart album. I've had that page on my bulletin board because I knew I was going to have to try to replicate it at some point for one of my own albums. Today was that day!

I found the stamps I wanted and opened up my case of acrylic paints. I also found some rub-ons that I wanted to use. I stamped the cover, but right now it is sitting on the desk while the paint dries. I'm loving it already!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Day 4

We didn't do anything special today. It was the last vacation day for the boys before they start back to school tomorrow. They went to the office with us, then we came home at 5. See, nothing special.

But then, as if by some special force, we found a movie on HBO that we wanted to watch -- on a Monday! I love Shrek!! And we made popcorn and watched...


It's the simple things...

Day 3

It's only the third day of the year and I already feel like I'm falling behind on things that need to get done. I feel like I'm rushing around trying to get this and that done: laundry, lunch, cleaning, dishes, etc. And sometimes it's like there's no real time to spend doing things I enjoy.

And then I turn around and catch this sweet child just playing quietly, enjoying a toy made of blocks of wood. That's the secret: enjoying the simple things without distraction. He wasn't worried about what needed to be done later to get ready for bed or what he needs to do tomorrow. He was enjoying the moment.

And when it was time for his bath, he took his bath. When it was time for bed, he kisse his daddy and me and went to bed. And tomorrow, when it's time to go to school, he'll go to school.

I know that as adults we have responsibilities that he doesn't. But maybe I need to learn to take his approach and deal with some things one at a time so that I can enjoy the good stuff. It's such a simple thing to remember.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

My attempt at some form of fitness

Day 2

I keep saying I'm going to do something about my weight, but I don't actually do anything. And with the start of the new year it is easy to say it again, but I doubt I'd do very much about it. Instead, I asked for these Reebok shoes for Christmas.

They are advertised to make your butt and thighs get firmer. "Great butt and thighs" they promise, while showing a very attractive and athletic woman. Obviously she didn't get her shape from mere shoes...but I'll try it out and see if I can get any results.

Hey, I need to wear shoes, right?


Friday, January 1, 2010

Out with 2009...

Day 1

We are officially into the first day of 2010. As a goodbye to 2009, I took down the Christmas tree with a little help from Oscar. We packed away the ornaments and the boys took the bricks out that we used to prop the tree a little higher.

2009 was a good year. I don't have any complaints or reasons to wish the year be gone. But a new year always feels like a fresh start, a renewal of the cycle. I always feel like it's my opportunity to take on that resolution to lose weight, or work out, or scrap more often. I don't know that I'll actually do anything any different than I usually do, but I hope to do it better, whatever it may be.

I did want to try to take on Project 365...actually I wanted to do it last year, along with all the other scrappers who jumped on that bandwagon. But I didn't; I was lazy. (Project 365 is a big scrapbooking deal that famous scrapper Becky Higgins started in which you take a photo a day.) So this year I'm going to try. I've asked Howard to help make sure at least a photo a day. Then I will try to scrap a page a week with those photos for an album of at least 52 layouts at the end of the year documenting our lives.

I'm going to do better than last year for sure!

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