Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Again with the serving of Catch-Up!

I did it again. Kept holding on to those photos in different cameras til I could get some time to play. But here are the last few days...

Day 14
Big Daddy made the show and avoided the sift easily, at 240 pounds. But before he could get into the ring he really needed to be washed down. Howie got in there and scrubbed that hog down good.

Day 15
This was Howard's first year showing an animal for 4-H and the stock show. He was very confident and had to keep ignoring instructions from me, Mom, and Cristy. He said we were just too distracting!

Day 16
I love this photo. The whole weekend was about Howard with hs animals. But instead of getting another show photo, I was able to get these boys loving each other for a change instead of fighting! David was very proud of Howard and Oscar just loves his brothers!

Day 17
Believe it or not, I still put Oscar to nap in my arms. He's a big boy, but sometimes that comfort just helps him drift off before I put him to bed. Now, this is only for naps! He goes to bed on his own at night. Otherwise, I don't think I'd have any feeling left in my arm.



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