Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Being appreciated

Day 18

Wow!! This was the best apprecation gift I've gotten for something that I chose to do of my own free will.

January is school board appreciation month. For the previous year's that I've been on the board, I always felt guilty that the schools would spend money to buy us appreciation gifts. I truly did appreciate the gifts but would have loved for the kids to benefit from that money instead. And finally the campuses must have understood that. This year each campus made a dessert for a chosen board member. And I was lucky enough to be chosen by the campus that my sister teaches at and my children attend - CSE.

Mary had asked me about a week ago what my favorite dessert was, but I didn't really question why she wanted to know. I found out! She made me the "bestest" cheesecake ever!! After the meeting was over, Howard and I both had a good taste of it as evidenced by the forks sitting on the plate. Thanks CSE and Mary!!



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