Thursday, January 14, 2010

Playing Catch-Up, not Ketchup

For almost a week now I have neglected posting my photos from Project 365. I have been keeping up with the photos, though. So here we go...

Day 8

Spent the better part of the day updating iTunes and getting Howie's iPod ready for his birthday. Had some drama at Wal-Mart because the $50 iTunes card that came with the iPod had not been activated. So I basically had to prove to Wal-Mart that I had not stolen the card and that it was through their mistake that my card was not activated. Took about an hour, but it finally got straightened out. I can't wait for him to open this present!

Day 9

Woo hoo! Howard was able to get someone to come and put in our attic door/ladder so that we can get up there and store stuff. We actually have A LOT of room up there and if we had been smart in the beginning, we would have made part of this house two-story right where the attic is now. There is a ton of room up there. We need to get some plywood up there for flooring. Eventually we'll get some makeshift walls up in there for shelving. I'm excited!!

Day 10

Family photo on Howie's birthday. I'm so proud of him. He's 9 today, but sometimes it feels like he's older. Then he does something silly!

I made him a devil's food cake, at his request, with milk chocolate frosting and chocolate chips. Talk about sugar attack! And, of course, he loved the iPod that he got for his birthday.

Day 11

The weather was good today! A little chilly, but after work we were able to go outside with the kiddos and let them play a little basketball. Thankfully, the weather should be getting better soon enough to do this on a regular basis. They are not so fun when they are cooped up in the house!

Day 12

For some reason, both Howie and Oscar woke up sick today. Not just a little sick, but vomiting sick. And it was I HAD to be at work. Howard stayed with them and cleaned up after them all day at the house. He took this photo of Oscar after he had taken in some gatorade and poor baby fell asleep on the sofa. He and Howie had a rough day!

Oops, no Day 13 photo!



Blogger Laura said...

great shots! loving the one of everyone outside playing :) thanks for stopping by and commenting!

January 15, 2010 at 8:49 AM  

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