Friday, March 12, 2010

What a great week!

Day 64

Howard and David were at a birthday party this afternoon, so it was just Howard, Oscar and me for supper. The Lions Club was having a fish fry that we wanted to try, but Oscar still isn’t much of a fish eater. His new favorite food is corn dogs.

He had earned $5 for giving Howard a kiss and had his money in his pocket for safe-keeping. When I went out for the fish, I took Oscar with me and we went to Sonic for his corndog (and some tater tots)! The girl on the intercom said the total would be $5 and some change. Oscar immediately spoke up and said he had $5!! And he went to struggling to get it out of his pocket.

Day 65

The fly catchers snoozed for about half the trip to Uvalde. They’re funny!

Day 66

We went to Uvalde again today, this time to eat at Oasis. While waiting on Howard, I got this photo out of a series of not-so-good ones. I love that Oscar is laughing.

Day 67

While in Uvalde over the weekend, I was able to pick up some really cute cake pans. The first on makes a giant cupcake which I made for my friend Nelly for her birthday this past week. The second makes small square cakes. The third makes little bundt cakes, which I can totally see making some cute, cute cakes with! The last pan makes mini-muffins.

Day 69

This past week I ran out of my regular Tombow adhesive that I use for scrapbooking. I was having to use some that I’m not familiar with but that I had stashed in my stuff. Knowing that I really wanted to keep on a roll with my scrapping, I started looking online for refills. That stuff is expensive!! I finally found a supplier online who sold it for about $1.80 per refill (compared to $6 each) and was offering free shipping on order over $50. Well, I made sure my order hit the mark and I ordered 30 refills!! Hopefully, I won’t be needing any adhesive for a while. But if I do, I know where to get some more.

Day 70

This makes me happy!! I’ve been trying to switch out our old raggedy towels for new ones little by little. I had the blue ones and then got some brown. Last weekend I got a couple gold and a couple orange, as well as some orange bath mats. Then today I bought a fun, striped shower curtain that had all the colors in it.

I’m loving the brightness it brings to the bathroom. Before, the beige shower curtain just made the room boring. I know, it’s just a bathroom. But it’s where I start my morning routine and these colors make me feel happy, which is a great way to start the day.



Blogger thealdrichfamily said...

wow, claudia you had an awesome week! i love the pic with Oscar cute! And wow, u scored a deal on the adhesive!!! It pays to do some searching to find great deals! Happy scrapping!

March 18, 2010 at 7:24 AM  

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