Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From new tires to blooming beauties...

(Previous posts just show day number whatever, but starting here I will also put the date and by next post will just use the date. It's easier to keep up with. The whole 365 thing is not exactly working out without some misses, but I'm getting most of the days in here!!)

Day 71 – March 12

Funny how we take simple things for granted. My suburban is only 4 years old, but it’s in pretty good shape considering the abuse it takes from a family of 5 and a couple extras here and there. I don’t pay as much attention as I should to the mechanics of the vehicle, but thankfully Howard does. He’s been looking around for a good price on replacement tires but 20’s are kinda expensive. I’ve had my old tires from the beginning, and luckily had not had a blowout, even though I wore the tread bald.

Howard took the suburban today to get the transmission oil and filter changed, hoping it would help improve the driving. While in Eagle Pass he was also able to find a good deal on the tires and had them put on. Nice, new, pretty tires.

Day 72 – March 13

Today is my baby’s 3rd birthday. Oscar isn’t a baby anymore, though. He’s given up his bottle and he’s in the middle of potty training. He’s 41 inches tall and 40 pounds. He’s stronger than kids his age and likes to hang out with his brothers. His blue eyes and sweet smile will melt your heart. Seems he can get away with anything. He loves to ask for chocolate candy when I pick him up from school. I think Whoppers are his favorite (perhaps because they are my favorite and I always have some in the cupboard).

Day 73 – March 14

We took the boys, Bubba, and Galayna to Eagle Pass to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3-D. It was really good. I had never understood the story behind it all until recently when I started reading it again and read some philosophy on it. But watching the movie really made it clear who and what everything represented. I especially liked when she rhetorically stated “lost my much-ness, have I?” Sometimes I wonder if I have lost my much-ness. Did I used to be much more than I am now, have more potential? The story is very deep.

After we got back home, we went to mom & dad’s to celebrate Oscar’s birthday with all the cousins (except Melissa and Diego who were with Edgar for the weekend).

Day 74 – March 15

I was so desperate to make a home-cooked meal, and I needed to use the turkey breasts that I’d had in the fridge for a week! Went all out and made turkey, stuffing (stove top), macaroni, mashed potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, and rolls. It was so goooood!! Of course, everyone loves when I cook so that we don’t have to eat out. And those boys sure did eat!!

Day 76 – March 17

I was watching a scrapbooking show at reneepearson.com recently and the guest on the show was talking about photography and led me to Amazon for a lighting kit. The price was good, but I wasn’t sure if I would make use enough to justify the expense. Howard encouraged me to get it since the price really was good and said that once I got it, I’d have to use it! I really couldn’t resist after all. Every year I do the photos for the father/daughter girl scout dance and I always have to fuss over the lighting. This should help me take better photos if they’ll have me back this year.

Also, in preparation for our trip this coming weekend (and because it desperately needed to be done) I needed to hem David’s pants. They were just way too long and he kept having to struggle with the extra length and stepping on the back of the pants with his heel. I took out the sewing machine, which I happen to know how to use. Funny thing is that I bought it a few years ago so that I could sew on my scrapbook pages. And I’ve only sewn on one page in all these years when I was trying it out!!

So I cut and hemmed his pants, all without incident. I posted on Facebook that after all these years I could still manage to surprise Howard by using a sewing machine. Not sure if he was surprised or not, but I did a good job on the pants.

Day 77 – March 18

On our way to North Texas, and for years I’ve wanted to stop at the big rocking chair. I think the further we get away from Carrizo the more Howard loves me enough to give in to my little wants without protesting too much. This chair is on the side of the road at a store called Texas Hill Country Furniture & Mercantile. I didn’t get to look through the store, but they looked like they had some pretty unique items. I think there’s also a restaurant next to it – all out in the middle of nowhere (Lipan, TX near Mineral Wells). I wanted to have the boys climb on top and make a caption on the photo in reference to Alice in Wonderland when she ate the cake and became smaller. But Howard didn’t want any of us getting hurt so we took photos standing next to it. One of the ladies coming out of the store offered to take the photo for us so that I could be in it, too. Thanks kind lady!!

Day 78 – March 19

Well we weren’t really prepared to stay in North Texas if it was going to SNOW!! After visiting Joyce for a bit and watching the weather forecasts even Howard was convinced that staying would be a bad idea. I cancelled the hotel reservations in Wichita Falls and we came back south.

Howard and I usually hold hands off and on while we are driving. He wasn’t looking when I got this photo and posted it on Facebook that I beat him at arm wrestling. I thought it was funny.

Day 79 – March 20

We stayed the night in San Antonio so that today we might go to the zoo. No luck. The weather was cold and windy. We did get to go to the Witte museum and see the dinosaur exhibit. We also had lunch at Texas Land & Cattle, ran around town, and finally headed home.

Day 81 – March 22

Baseball season is upon us and the boys will be going into their respective divisions soon. As a warm-up and to keep them entertained, Howard took them out for batting practice with the tee and net in the yard. Of course, Oscar wants to play too. He watched the boys for a bit and took his turn. He did pretty good for his first time swinging a bat!

Day 82 – March 23

The view along I-35 on the way to San Antonio. Indian paintbrush flowers in the foreground and bluebonnets in the background behind the white fence. It is very scenic during the springtime to see all the colors of the blooming flowers. Howard took this photo on his weekly drive to San Antonio.



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I lOVE reading your post! You guys did so much!!! I also like that Howard got you some new tires!! :) Love reading about your family!

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