Thursday, March 4, 2010

Superbowl Party

Day 38

This year we had some great friends over to enjoy Superbowl Sunday on February 7. All season long we had an ongoing rivalry (and a bet) with Ronnie and Tanya about the Cowboys' ability to make it to the playoffs. I lost!

So for the superbowl, Ronnie, Tammie, and Garrett, along with Tanya, Derek, and Erika, came over to watch the game. As part of losing the bet I had to wear a Cowboys jersey. But not just any jersey, the most dreaded "Tony Romo" jersey!!

We had such a good time cheering: I was for the Colts, and everyone else was for the Saints. At the end of the night, after quite a few drinks all around, everyone celebrated the Saints' win.

And not to forget the star of the evening...

Bought this baby the day before after eyeing it for several months and having to save up for it! Made some damn good burgers, but a good portion of the credit for that goes to the grill master Howard!!

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