Monday, April 26, 2010

It's my birthday!! OMG, I'm 36 already?

I made mini-cupcakes to share with anyone who came by the office today. Couldn't pass up a chance to have cupcakes, right?

So I'm 36 today. Wow, how did that happen? I don't really feel old, but I know I don't have the energy to be back in my 20's. When my mom was my age, I was about to graduate from high school. I'm glad Howie is only 9 at this point and that it will be a while before I have a teenager.

I don't know what I thought my life would be like at this point when I was younger. But I certainly thought that once I hit mid-30's that I would run out of fun-ness and wouldn't be able to keep up with the younger generation, like in terms of video games and technology. I think I'm holding my own technology-wise. I set up all the iPods and iPhones and things like that. I know the difference in DS, DSi, and DSiXL. I know what a Wii is compared to an XBox. And I can play some games, though I'm not the greatest. I like to have fun with the kids and play, I'm no princess!!

But I realize that I am an adult, for the most part. My kids rely on me to be mature and responsible. To care of all the little things that they have no idea about. But I think my responsibility is also to have fun with them. I don't have to hold back on trying new things or learning new things, or having new adventures. And so I'm not going to worry about how many years it's been since I was born. I really need to just focus on being old enough to know that I can do anything I want!

My goal for this summer is to do several things that are new and fun: paintballing, rock-climbing, and maybe some water skiing. I used to be afraid to do anything that might give people reason to laugh at me if I failed or made a fool of myself. But I need to learn to disregard the people who don't matter and not worry about their opinions. I need to just go out and have fun with the people who love me and want to have fun with me, too!

What new things do you want to try?

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Benjamin Bratt & Scrapbooking

How can I put into PG-rated words how I feel about looking at Benjamin Bratt?

I can't, so I'll just tell you my story...

I had a dream last night about Benjamin Bratt. And he was extremely sexy and a football player. I was in the mall going to down the escalator to go into a scrapbook store when the PA announced that players from the football team would wash your car in exchange for a scrapbook-related project.

And so Ben comes up to me and says he'll wash my car if I'll make something for him. And he smells so good, and he leans in close like he did with Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality. Mmm, mmm, mmm. But instead of taking my car keys so that he can go wash my car (which I never did even attempt to give him), he followed me through the scrapbook store so that we could decide what I would make for him.

The hardest part was that he had no idea what he wanted me to make: a card, a scrapbook layout, a mini-book, whatever. But for some reason he became fixated on the patterned papers and stickers with a baby boy theme. And we looked for items and went all around the store. The frustrating part for me was that I just couldn't decide what to make for him, and once I settled on making a quick tag book that he could easily carry around, I couldn't find tags!! And the freakin' die cut machine wasn't working. Ugh!!!!!

(Why is it that I'm more concerned with scrapbooking at this point than the fact that I'm me and he's Benjamin Bratt and I'm waaaaaay out of my league here?)

So this whole time, Ben is somewhat in my personal space A LOT, which I didn't mind, but totally was oblivious to the fact that HELLO! HE'S BENJAMIN BRATT!!!

And he never did wash my car, and I never did make the tag book. I think somehow I may have gotten to kiss his neck - OMG!! But that was the extent of it all. I don't know if I forced myself to dream that part. At least he didn't have to be forced in my dream.


I really don't want anyone to analyze this dream. The fact that I think scrapbooking is more important in my dreams than paying attention to Benjamin Bratt's come-ons falls somewhere in the "completely lost her mind" category. Completely lost my mind, even in my own dreams. And I would hate to be committed over this insanity, even though it probably registers as a totally legit reason.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm a mess this week

April 18

About a week ago, I bought these shelves at Lowe's to put up in my scrapbooking room. I really needed a little something to put items I need close by and also for some decoration. My scrap room is pretty bare on the walls, even though the floors have baskets of supplies just sitting there.

I like how they look with a few items on them. The top one is probably more decorative than anything, but I like it. I think I might want a few more shelves for the other wall, but not sure if it needs it just yet. Maybe just a big collage of photos would be fun.

April 19

This is my desk at work. This is in better condition to show than usual. I've always got papers going in different piles and a Sonic cup blocking the view to the screen. But this is where I work.

April 20

The back of the office is a mess, too. Look at those stacks of papers behind the boys. But that's not the point. Allow me to re-direct your focus to the two boys who are also working! Yep, every Tuesday night this is their job. Don't worry, we don't overwork them. And child labor laws don't apply as they are our children. Ha ha! They only have to do one bundle apiece, while the rest of us are much faster and can get 3 each in the same amount of time. They mumble and groan, but they don't mind the $5 they get! Just teaching them a little responsibility. It's good for a kid to have a job, especially one that pays the bills for our family.

April 21

My rebellious streak strikes again! I left the house this morning without making the bed. OMG! What would my mother say? Yeah, well, I was in a hurry. And though technically another minute to make the bed wouldn't have mattered. But psychologically it makes me feel like I left the house that much sooner. Yet the fact that the bed is unmade has bothered me all day. Guess what I'll do as soon as I get home?

Oh yeah, I wanted to comment that I'm participating in Ali Edwards' Week in the Life project this week. Basically, I'm taking photos of the details of my life for a week and then putting it together to show what my life is like at this point.

What I'm really enjoying about this project is that this is the last week of my 35th year, April 19-25, that I'm documenting. Then I will be 36 on the 26th. It will be interesting to see how things change in a few years.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mmmm...candied caramel apples

April 17

Oh.My.Goodness! I have found heaven in a little store at the mall in Laredo where these beautiful candy-coated caramel apples (in various flavors of candies or otherwise) sit in big glass cases for people like me to drool over and spend ridiculous amounts of money. People who have huge, ginormous sweet tooths. People who don't have any self-control around caramel, chocolate, nuts, candy, etc. I am the leader of those people. And today I just could not pass up these beautiful apples. (from left to right: pecan-caramel, monster chocolate, m&m's, and cheesecake)

I was only going to get two of them and we were going to share. Yeah, right! Everyone wanted a different flavor, and today was not the day for me to say no. How could I resist, knowing we wouldn't come back for a long time? Why deny my children, my husband, and myself such a simple pleasure? Why let a mere $5.75 per apple discourage me? (That is seriously ridiculous money for an apple, isn't it?)

I didn't say no. I let reckless abandon take hold of me and I said, "I want this one, this one, this one, and that one!" And I hoped that the chocolate wouldn't melt when we left them in the car while we ate at Olive Garden. It didn't.

When we got home, salivating at the prospect of those beautiful apples making their way into our mouths, I cut 'em up! And we ate 'em up!! And they were every bit as delicious as I had imagined. And worth every penny.

Now off to scrapbook...see if I can get caught up with the UK scrappers at's scrapbook party! I just got my new Sillouette and can't wait to play! There's some enablers at, I tell ya!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Some fun stuff, including a mini-book

April 9

Lunch at the restaurant. It was Good Friday and the boys had early release from school, so we all ate together for lunch. Including grandma and grandpa. Oscar, too, got picked up early. As kids we probably took for granted how important it is to eat as a family. But one of the things that mom and dad love most is to have their grandkids around to sit down and enjoy a meal. And maybe they aren’t the types to be constantly saying “I love you” to us or the kids, but their actions show it beyond measure. They hug and kiss on the kids all they can, and dad will carry Oscar in his lap all the time. I’ve got lots of pictures of the two together and it always makes me smile!

April 10

We were in San Antonio today to get Howard’s riding lawnmower. After we had lunch, he took me to my favorite scrapbook store, Scrapbook Heaven. It’s on Bandera Road, and as we were driving to it, a truck was hauling this cool oldie on a trailer. Obviously restored, it was a beauty! It’s neat to get a photo of cool random stuff.

April 11

Finally, after almost 2 years of having a plain breakfast nook (which is really our dining room, too, cuz we’re not very formal people) we hung some “art” to decorate the room. It has made such a dramatic improvement. I love how the room looks, I love all the different prints. It just makes me happy and makes me feel like the house is slowly, but surely, becoming more complete, more US. There’s still more to do, obviously. We need to get the chair rail in. We need a bigger table to seat us all together. And that highchair has to go soon!

April 14
Yay! I made a mini-album!!

It’s a class kit from Bo Bunny that I bought at Scrapbook Heaven. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to get back to SA in a few weeks for the actual class and the store owner said she could just sell me the kit. Well, great!! And everything in the book was from the kit, no extras needed, which is always a plus.

Here’s what the rest looks like:

The back cover needs a little something. I’ll probably put a 2009 summer pool picture there. And I need to add some ribbon to the rings just for a little more pizzazz. But I really enjoyed how quick it came together and how cute it is. Howard was impressed, too, which makes me happy!!

April 15

It’s tax day! But for me, it’s actually extension filing day. I hate doing the taxes. I hate bookkeeping. Really, I just don’t like having to get it all together and then see an amount that exceeds my bank account that has to be paid. So I put it off until October.

You can see the mini-album in the corner of the photo, cuz my highlight for the day was uploading it to share with my Facebook friends.

April 16

Okay, truthfully, I took these photos yesterday, but they are today’s photo of the day because I think I’m going to go back to the dollar store to get them. They are inspirational and make me smile. Howard asked me if I bought them, but I didn’t, yesterday. I had gone in the store looking for easels to put my mini-books on the shelf. I loved these cups immediately, but I had my little shadow (Oscar) with me and couldn’t let go of him to hold the cups. I was without a basket because he has started to tell me “no basket, just hold hands” when we go to stores. So I’m trying to give him the opportunity to build up that trust that he won’t go wild in the stores. He’s been good so far, but I’m smart enough not to push it!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello April!

April 2

I didn’t go into work today because, let’s face it, if the kids are home from school I can’t get anything done. I know, I don’t do any “work” on Fridays at the office, but I gotta be there in case a “customer” walks in. Trust me, they don’t. And today is Good Friday so most people are either off of work, have their own kids at home, or aren’t really worried about getting something in to the newspaper.

I wish I had a photo to document today’s surprise for Howie. He went to see the Spurs play the Orlando Magic in San Antonio with Howard. Our friend Andres and his son had two extra tickets and invited them along. We kept telling Howie that he was going to the dentist to keep the surprise from him. He was convinced all day until they left and seeing Isiah in his Spurs shirt kinda tipped him off that he may be headed to a more fun activity.

The two Howards enjoyed the game, according to what they told me. I was glad for them to get a chance to do something together that didn’t involve the other boys. Sometimes the boys don’t get any one-on-one time with either Howard or me and I’m sure that they’d probably like us better if they didn’t have to split our attention. We’ll have to work on that one. It just got a little harder when we got outnumbered, but it can be done.

So while they were away at the game, I had Oscar and David at home. We even had Bubba over for a while to play video games, which they enjoyed. While that was going on, I made mini-cupcakes so that I could give some and have some for Easter. My little helper was there beside me to help!

I love making the mini cupcakes compared to the regular size. They are so much easier to enjoy. Just ask Oscar! And I really wanted them to be fun, so I made them in all different colors. Same cake mix, just used food coloring for blue, yellow, red, orange, green, and purple cupcakes with sprinkles.

April 3

Went to Eagle Pass today, don’t remember if we had a purpose. But we ate lunch at Chili’s where I took this photo. Whenever we go out to eat at restaurants where the boys get the activity sheets, they play tic-tac-toe with Howard. What’s important to note is that Howard always plays with them. Always. I don’t remember if he always wins, but they love playing against him. And this time he was explaining strategy to David and I love how Dave was really paying attention to him. Look at how he is focused on what Howard is saying.

Howard is such a good dad, and this photo is proof of that. He has always been a good dad, always involved in everything the kids do. And I love that they boys have that with him. They have a connection that I’ll probably not get with them because I’m a girl. That’s okay, we have our own connections. But it makes me feel all warm and mushy and I get all sentimental about how much I love all these guys in my family whenever this kind of stuff happens.

April 4
It’s Easter today. We have been having Easter at mom and dad’s for a long time now. And the number of grandkids has grown to nine, which is just WOW!

We usually have a good barbecue lunch, then hide the cascarones and plastic eggs, then hit the piñata. This year we had two piñatas, one for the kids and one for the big kids (adults).

April 7 & April 8 plus a layout

Oscar…there are so many opportunities to take his photo. Mostly because he sticks to me, he’s my momma’s boy. But also because he will literally tell me “take my picture, mom”. I have all these photos on my iPhone and camera of him making cute faces. As I was going through them all, I pulled a few just from the last few days and printed out to make a layout. I’m gonna try to do the same for Howie and David, too, of random photos of them to just stick in their albums.