Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello April!

April 2

I didn’t go into work today because, let’s face it, if the kids are home from school I can’t get anything done. I know, I don’t do any “work” on Fridays at the office, but I gotta be there in case a “customer” walks in. Trust me, they don’t. And today is Good Friday so most people are either off of work, have their own kids at home, or aren’t really worried about getting something in to the newspaper.

I wish I had a photo to document today’s surprise for Howie. He went to see the Spurs play the Orlando Magic in San Antonio with Howard. Our friend Andres and his son had two extra tickets and invited them along. We kept telling Howie that he was going to the dentist to keep the surprise from him. He was convinced all day until they left and seeing Isiah in his Spurs shirt kinda tipped him off that he may be headed to a more fun activity.

The two Howards enjoyed the game, according to what they told me. I was glad for them to get a chance to do something together that didn’t involve the other boys. Sometimes the boys don’t get any one-on-one time with either Howard or me and I’m sure that they’d probably like us better if they didn’t have to split our attention. We’ll have to work on that one. It just got a little harder when we got outnumbered, but it can be done.

So while they were away at the game, I had Oscar and David at home. We even had Bubba over for a while to play video games, which they enjoyed. While that was going on, I made mini-cupcakes so that I could give some and have some for Easter. My little helper was there beside me to help!

I love making the mini cupcakes compared to the regular size. They are so much easier to enjoy. Just ask Oscar! And I really wanted them to be fun, so I made them in all different colors. Same cake mix, just used food coloring for blue, yellow, red, orange, green, and purple cupcakes with sprinkles.

April 3

Went to Eagle Pass today, don’t remember if we had a purpose. But we ate lunch at Chili’s where I took this photo. Whenever we go out to eat at restaurants where the boys get the activity sheets, they play tic-tac-toe with Howard. What’s important to note is that Howard always plays with them. Always. I don’t remember if he always wins, but they love playing against him. And this time he was explaining strategy to David and I love how Dave was really paying attention to him. Look at how he is focused on what Howard is saying.

Howard is such a good dad, and this photo is proof of that. He has always been a good dad, always involved in everything the kids do. And I love that they boys have that with him. They have a connection that I’ll probably not get with them because I’m a girl. That’s okay, we have our own connections. But it makes me feel all warm and mushy and I get all sentimental about how much I love all these guys in my family whenever this kind of stuff happens.

April 4
It’s Easter today. We have been having Easter at mom and dad’s for a long time now. And the number of grandkids has grown to nine, which is just WOW!

We usually have a good barbecue lunch, then hide the cascarones and plastic eggs, then hit the piñata. This year we had two piñatas, one for the kids and one for the big kids (adults).

April 7 & April 8 plus a layout

Oscar…there are so many opportunities to take his photo. Mostly because he sticks to me, he’s my momma’s boy. But also because he will literally tell me “take my picture, mom”. I have all these photos on my iPhone and camera of him making cute faces. As I was going through them all, I pulled a few just from the last few days and printed out to make a layout. I’m gonna try to do the same for Howie and David, too, of random photos of them to just stick in their albums.


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awwww, claudia you are such a wonderful mommy! I love how you write and it makes me want to make cupcakes now! LOL love the pic layout of Oscar! too cute!

April 12, 2010 at 4:48 PM  

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