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San Francisco in 1998

San Francisco
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I've never scrapbooked a page that didn't have photos. But I had this story that I wanted to keep and today it made it to the page. Howard and I spent part of today reminiscing about the trip and it brought back a lot of good memories that were made before we had children. Sometimes it's hard to remember anything before kids, but this was one of those memories that had to be told.
January 1998: Howard went out to San Francisco with Magic-Aire for the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers) convention January 17-21, 1998, and invited me to follow. He and his co-worker went ahead and then her husband and I flew out a day or so later. Other than our honeymoon, this was the first trip for us after being married.

I arrived very early in the morning at the Warwick-Regis Hotel (although I don’t remember which day). I remember Howard was in bed and it was a full-size bed that was up high. I literally had to climb up into it. The room was nice, but the view was of the alley. Oh well, I wasn’t going to spend my time looking out the window! I do remember how beautiful the city looked as the drove over the Oakland Bay Bridge from the airport into the city.

The first morning we were there, we had breakfast at a little corner diner, Pinecrest Diner, that Howard had been eating at the past couple days. I don’t remember now what I ate, but I’m sure it was good. After breakfast, we walked from there to the Moscone Convention Center. After all these years I don’t remember many details, but I remember how it felt to be walking around such a famous town and wanting to soak it all in. It seems surreal now.

While I was there, we took a bus tour of the city that hit all the famous spots: Chinatown, Postcard Row (the street with all the famous houses on the sloped street that are in television shows), Lombard Street (the winding road), Golden Gate Park (a scenic spot that overlooked the bridge), Cliff House, Exploratorium, Mission District, Presidio, and some other spots. We took the trolley from the station to the wharf. We went to a company dinner party at the hotel one evening.

Another evening we ate at a restaurant at Fisherman’s Wharf called The Franciscan. Our table overlooked the bay. It was so funny, and we still laugh about it today, because I ordered lobster. Of course, who wouldn’t order lobster? When they brought my dish, it was a WHOLE lobster. The eyes were still on it, and whiskers, too. I’m a picky eater and Howard was so afraid that he’d just spent good company money on food that I wasn’t going to eat. Well, I didn’t eat the eyes, but I sure did eat the rest of the lobster and totally enjoyed it. It was a fabulous dinner!

We also took the ferry out to Alcatraz. It was a stereo-typically rainy day in San Francisco. I think the weather made the experience that much more real. We had to buy rain ponchos to keep dry, but it was still cold. When we got to the island, I called mom and dad from a pay phone to let them know I was at this famous prison. We took the tour throughout the prison and got to see inside the cells and everything. It was very interesting.

On the final day that I was there, I took a road trip with some of the wives of the company bosses from Carrier and Magic-Aire to Pebble Beach. We went to the famous golf course and had lunch. I had fish and chips, but it wasn’t catfish and potato chips. It was cod and french fries. And it was yummy. The other ladies had salads. While at Pebble Beach, I couldn’t resist hitting the gift shop and getting a coffee mug and sweatshirt for Howard, since he wasn’t able to come along.

It’s more than twelve years later as I recollect this trip. These are the things that have stuck in my mind, even if all the details aren’t there. Howard’s favorite part of the trip was when they brought out the lobster for me and he thought I wouldn’t eat it. My favorite part was enjoying the sightseeing tour through the town with him. (journaling May 2010)

Sunday, May 16, 2010


May 16
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I'm starting a mini-album for Oscar of random photos of him. He's always asking me to take his picture, so I have plenty of shots to choose from. Here's just a sneak peak of two pages. I'll post the whole album when it's finished.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quick Cut

May 15
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A trip to the barber can change a man.

I see that based on today's LOAD (layout a day) challenge, I am mostly a linear scrapper. I rarely use photos off-kilter. Just looks neater to line up those photos. Now, my stamped title, well, that can be a little off and it's okay with me!

Celebrating the big 3!

For my layout today I finished up a birthday layout for Oscar. These photos are from his 3rd birthday. I really liked these CTMH papers long ago, when they first came out. They were sitting in my stash for quite a while and I'm glad I was finally able to use them. There's even some quick hidden journaling on a little notecard tucked behind the bottom photo. You can see the tab sticking out.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I've been scrapping every night this month!

The following are all the pages counting back from May 13 to May 3. I have scrapped a page a night since May 1. Every night. Without fail. And in most case in under 20 minutes. They are all simple pages, as you can see. Not long on story. But a fun way for me to showcase photos I love.

So the big question, as always, is how do I find time to scrapbook. I've answered before, and I'll say it again: I make it a priority. And so far this month, it has actually been my nightcap. At the end of a long and full day, I take some time to sit at my table, pull out the first photos, or photo, that stands out and calls to me, and just get it done. I have also been using Lain Ehmann's prompts for the day to challenge myself to do something different. Lain is the Layout A Day challenge creator. Her site is if you want to find out more information.

May 13

May 12

May 11

May 10

May 9

May 8 (digital page)

May 7 (digital page using iPhone app)

May 6

May 5

May 4

May 3

The pages for May 2 and May 1 can be found in their own posts.

So if you're a scrapper, you should try making a layout a day. It's very satisfying to create on a daily basis. And it can be done. 150 scrapbookers are doing it this month in this group alone. No telling how many others out there are doing it too.

If you're not a scrapbooker, I invite you to become one. You'll love it!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

IKEA anyone?

May 9

For Mother’s Day, Howard made a detour on our way home from Olney to take me to IKEA in Round Rock. I fell asleep just before Lampasas so he had a chance to take the cutoff to I-35 without me noticing the change. As a bonus, when we got to IKEA and found the shelf unit that I’ve been wanting, we found out the price was lowered from $149 to $99. Yay!! We were really impressed with the store and wanted to look around more, but were pressed for time. Will definitely have to plan a trip to come back and make a day of it.

May 10

Just a random photo of Oscar today, jumping around in the car while at David’s baseball practice.

May 11

Another “Mom, take a picture of me” moment.


It's May! Already?

May 2

Galayna had her First Communion today, and after Mass she had a dinner at the restaurant. We had the back to ourselves, of course, and Dad was entertaining the kids by taking them around on the big dolly.

May 6

“Mommy, take my picture.” So I took one with both of us.

May 7

Roadtrip to North Texas to see Grandma Joyce. We got to the hotel in Graham on Friday, and the boys were relaxing watching television after we enjoyed a huge and very delicious meal at Vetoni’s.

May 8

While waiting at the hospital, Oscar and David wanted their picture taken. Of course!

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Birthday week photos

April 26

It’s my birthday. I’m 36. My daddy gave me a box of filet mignon. Awesome!

April 27

These pretty flowers were from Mom for my birthday yesterday. I had them sitting on the kitchen table so they could get some indirect light from the window and open up. Hot pink roses and white lilies.

April 28

Strawberry shortcake dessert after a great meal of filet mignon (from my birthday present), mashed potatoes, corn, salad, and homemade bread. So, so good! We had to wait until today to turn on the pit because we didn’t have a chance on Monday, and Tuesdays are busy with the newspaper.

April 30

Just in the nick of time, my box of photos arrived from Snapfish. Not that I didn’t have a ton of photos already in my stash that needed to be scrapped, but this batch had the more recent events that would hopefully be more inspiring. 420+ photos just from mid-November up until mid-April. That’s a lot of photos!

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From dirty car to tooth fairy goodness...

April 22

My car needs a wash, desperately. But it REALLY needs a good cleaning on the inside.

April 23

April was the month for parents of first graders to come in and have lunch with their child. Howard and I had been trying (and forgetting) to go early in the month, but I ended up going by myself today. Every time we had free time, we forgot. And then we couldn’t go together on some days because Howard would go do a job with Dad. But it was getting late and our chances were running out. Poor David was disappointed every time we had to cancel. Well, I went this day, and took him a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. He was happy to have me and happy for his meal. After he ate his lunch, we went over to see the banners hanging in the cafeteria that listed the top Accelerated Readers in each class. David had the most points in his homeroom, and compared to the other classes, he also had the most in his grade level. I told him I needed to go, as lunch was just about over. I asked if he was too embarrassed to kiss me in front of all the kids in the cafeteria, but he said he wasn’t and gave me a quick kiss and said he loved me. I love you, too, David!

April 24

Had to enjoy some barbecue in Uvalde! We made a trip just for that because we were 1. bored at home, and 2. really wanting good barbecue. While we were there, we picked up Bubba to eat with us and he came home to Carrizo with us too. The boys just love it when he’s around. While at lunch, Oscar finally ordered a brisket sandwich instead of his usual corndog. He ate it up!!

April 25

David lost a tooth the night before and the tooth fair left him $20!

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Born to be Wild!

While on this layout a day journey, I'm supposed to be able to define my style. My goal, other than actually completing the 31 layouts, is to be able to make my pages quick. Not that I feel it's work, but I don't like for the simplest of layouts to take me two hours because I'm indecisive about what products to use. I'm not always going to have all day to work on a page or come to work on it in bursts. So really I just need to learn to settle on a few products and go for it!

Today's layout had took a little extra time because I went a little "artsy" with the acrylic paint. I wanted to grunge it up. I also found that my stash of supplies doesn't really cater to grungy layouts. I have a lot of little boys and baby and cutesy stuff. Haven't quite built up my rough and grunge. But I'm sure it's coming. Maybe I should hurry and make all those baby and little boy pages so that I can move on from that phase of the boys' lives in photos.

I liked this page when it was done. A little different for me, but good. I think I am very open to different styles. Just have to go where the mood takes me. I'm not quite seeing what my defined style is at this point. But I don't think that fitting a certain label is important right now. I just want to have fun creating!

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1 layout: The Big Chair

National Scrapbook Day is just about over. It was also the first day for my layout a day challenge. This is what I made today. Just a page that should have taken less than a half-hour took me almost the entire day. Not for lack of ideas, just kept getting distracted with kids, Facebook and Twitter. Of course, I didn't pressure myself to finish. Just took it easy today. Now cleaning up around my scrapbook area to get a little more organized and jot down some ideas for the next few layouts. Feels good to get a page done. I was feeling like a revved up engine this past week just waiting for the flag to drop so that I could go! I think the best strategy might be for me to pace myself so I don't burn out. A layout a day should be just about manageable.


I've got big plans this month!

I got a big box full of envelopes filled with photos today. 420+ photos from mid-November through last week. Lots of candids, a couple of birthdays, some events, a roadtrip and a couple of major holidays.

But I have a plan...okay, not a great plan, but still. I intend to take these photos, and all the others I have in my little boxes, and scrapbook like a mad woman! I took on an online challenge to create a scrapbook layout a day every day in May. And that should help me get through these stacks of photos. I'm hoping (fingers crossed). I only say it's not a great plan because I haven't really organized myself to do it. I'm kinda winging it, but I have an idea in my head of how to take on this challenge and come out at the end with all my 31 layouts.

I have several friends who know that I scrapbook who often ask how I can find the time to create layouts. They say that they could never do it because they are so busy and don't have that kind of time. So what am I? I'm a busy person, too. I've got a husband and three kids, and extended family, and a business to tend to everyday. Yet I have plenty of time to scrap! I find that it's a matter of prioritizing. Well, let's use a better about happy obsession?

Ever since having kids I haven't been able to watch tv like I used to. And while I like to be on Facebook or Twitter, I find that I can walk away from the computer for a while to get creative. It's more than a hobby, it really is a passion. I have to have a creative outlet, something to hold in my hands as evidence of the things I am experiencing. I blame my iron deficiency, but I just don't have that good of a memory if I don't write things down with my photos. And I'm always thinking about how I could scrapbook this or that event, relationship, or memory. I look through blogs and scrapbook sites for inspiration. I subscribe to scrapbook magazines. I was even an active scrapbook consultant for a few years, but have been more of a "hobbiest" lately. But scrapbooking is my way to relax and unwind. Creating a layout, having a finished product in my hand, very simply makes me HAPPY!

I've heard other scrappers say that scrapbooking is being blessed twice: once when you experience the moment, and twice when you scrap about it. So, so true!

So here's to May and a layout a day.

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