Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday week photos

April 26

It’s my birthday. I’m 36. My daddy gave me a box of filet mignon. Awesome!

April 27

These pretty flowers were from Mom for my birthday yesterday. I had them sitting on the kitchen table so they could get some indirect light from the window and open up. Hot pink roses and white lilies.

April 28

Strawberry shortcake dessert after a great meal of filet mignon (from my birthday present), mashed potatoes, corn, salad, and homemade bread. So, so good! We had to wait until today to turn on the pit because we didn’t have a chance on Monday, and Tuesdays are busy with the newspaper.

April 30

Just in the nick of time, my box of photos arrived from Snapfish. Not that I didn’t have a ton of photos already in my stash that needed to be scrapped, but this batch had the more recent events that would hopefully be more inspiring. 420+ photos just from mid-November up until mid-April. That’s a lot of photos!

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