Thursday, May 13, 2010

From dirty car to tooth fairy goodness...

April 22

My car needs a wash, desperately. But it REALLY needs a good cleaning on the inside.

April 23

April was the month for parents of first graders to come in and have lunch with their child. Howard and I had been trying (and forgetting) to go early in the month, but I ended up going by myself today. Every time we had free time, we forgot. And then we couldn’t go together on some days because Howard would go do a job with Dad. But it was getting late and our chances were running out. Poor David was disappointed every time we had to cancel. Well, I went this day, and took him a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. He was happy to have me and happy for his meal. After he ate his lunch, we went over to see the banners hanging in the cafeteria that listed the top Accelerated Readers in each class. David had the most points in his homeroom, and compared to the other classes, he also had the most in his grade level. I told him I needed to go, as lunch was just about over. I asked if he was too embarrassed to kiss me in front of all the kids in the cafeteria, but he said he wasn’t and gave me a quick kiss and said he loved me. I love you, too, David!

April 24

Had to enjoy some barbecue in Uvalde! We made a trip just for that because we were 1. bored at home, and 2. really wanting good barbecue. While we were there, we picked up Bubba to eat with us and he came home to Carrizo with us too. The boys just love it when he’s around. While at lunch, Oscar finally ordered a brisket sandwich instead of his usual corndog. He ate it up!!

April 25

David lost a tooth the night before and the tooth fair left him $20!

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