Saturday, May 1, 2010

I've got big plans this month!

I got a big box full of envelopes filled with photos today. 420+ photos from mid-November through last week. Lots of candids, a couple of birthdays, some events, a roadtrip and a couple of major holidays.

But I have a plan...okay, not a great plan, but still. I intend to take these photos, and all the others I have in my little boxes, and scrapbook like a mad woman! I took on an online challenge to create a scrapbook layout a day every day in May. And that should help me get through these stacks of photos. I'm hoping (fingers crossed). I only say it's not a great plan because I haven't really organized myself to do it. I'm kinda winging it, but I have an idea in my head of how to take on this challenge and come out at the end with all my 31 layouts.

I have several friends who know that I scrapbook who often ask how I can find the time to create layouts. They say that they could never do it because they are so busy and don't have that kind of time. So what am I? I'm a busy person, too. I've got a husband and three kids, and extended family, and a business to tend to everyday. Yet I have plenty of time to scrap! I find that it's a matter of prioritizing. Well, let's use a better about happy obsession?

Ever since having kids I haven't been able to watch tv like I used to. And while I like to be on Facebook or Twitter, I find that I can walk away from the computer for a while to get creative. It's more than a hobby, it really is a passion. I have to have a creative outlet, something to hold in my hands as evidence of the things I am experiencing. I blame my iron deficiency, but I just don't have that good of a memory if I don't write things down with my photos. And I'm always thinking about how I could scrapbook this or that event, relationship, or memory. I look through blogs and scrapbook sites for inspiration. I subscribe to scrapbook magazines. I was even an active scrapbook consultant for a few years, but have been more of a "hobbiest" lately. But scrapbooking is my way to relax and unwind. Creating a layout, having a finished product in my hand, very simply makes me HAPPY!

I've heard other scrappers say that scrapbooking is being blessed twice: once when you experience the moment, and twice when you scrap about it. So, so true!

So here's to May and a layout a day.

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Blogger Scrappy Gifts said...

Good luck! It's so important to have the pictures first. I'm trying to do some pages now but somehow I'm missing some pictures.
Prioritizing so true - I need to be better so I can scrapbook more.
Good luck with a layout a day!

May 3, 2010 at 10:14 PM  

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