Friday, June 18, 2010

How it all began for me, this scrapbooking thing

Several years ago I found that I was a cranky, mean, stressed, crazy person to be around. I needed a hobby. It was shortly after my oldest son, who is now 9 1/2, was born. So I'm sure you can understand where all the adjectives came from. Being a new mom is not easy. At the same time, I had this beautiful miracle and I wanted to document the heck out of everything!

It started out harmless enough. I had a shoebox with some photos, some scissors, pens, glue stick, and a book of papers and stickers. I had no idea where to start...but slowly I found books, television shows, and online resources that gave me lots of ideas and places to shop. Now I've got a room in the house dedicated to scrapbooking. (more after the photos)

In 2004 I joined Close To My Heart as a scrapbooking consultant. I would go to women's homes where they had invited their friends and would share my story and introduce them to scrapbooking and cardmaking. I was a very active consultant for a while, making extra money, and having parties fairly often. After my third child and some new commitments, I scaled back my consultant status and dropped to Jr.

The scrapbooking industry has grown, evolved, and transformed completely from when I first began this hobby. For a while I had subscriptions to about 5 different scrapbooking magazines. Now there are only two magazines still printing and even those publications are suffering from the economy and surge in Internet offerings. It has evolved in the sense that scrapbookers are now very computer-savvy and looking to the Internet for constant inspiration, ideas, and shopping. There are scrapbooking communities at the magazine sites, at manufacturers' sites, and at Internet/brick & mortar stores. Scrapbookers are also turning to each other for inspiration at their own web/blog addresses.

As of today (June 16, 2010), there are several commercial online resources I use for inspiration:

I am also a member at for scrapbooking video tutorials. Some shows are free, but the majority are member-only. The host, Noell, also has a live show on Tuesdays where she demos scrapbooking techniques. And the best part of Paperclipping is their podcasts. They have two shows that can be downloaded from iTunes: Paperclipping Roundtable and Paperclipping Digi Show. They aren't instructional, but more of a discussion format on subjects that are related to scrapbooking. I cannot say enough good things about those podcasts. They are great to listen to while scrapping or traveling or folding the laundry!!

On Wednesday nights I watch the ladies from House of 3 do live scrapbooking and techniques on Ustream. Their website is

I take online classes at Some classes are free, some have a nominal fee, all are great. And the classrooms stay open for a long time, so you can come back to the information months later.

Youtube has lots of scrapbooking videos, tutorials, etc. There is so much on Youtube, it's amazing.

Moving on to blogs, I follow several. I have them set up in my Google reader so that I can automatically see the new posts without having to go to individual sites. Here are a few that I enjoy:

And I think I'm a much nicer person now.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Mid-2010 Scrapbooking Goals

So far this year, I have taken on Project 365, Week in the Life, and LOAD. Project 365 is a challenge to take a photo a day for the year as a way to document the everyday. Week in the Life was a week-long challenge to photograph everything, and keep memorabilia, for a whole week to document a, well, week in our life. And LOAD is a layout a day challenge in which I created a scrapbook layout every day in May.

Have I been perfect in taking on and completing these challenges? Not exactly. I don't have a photo for every day since January 1st. And I haven't put together my week in the life album. I did make a layout every day in May, though. Altogether, I'd say I'm doing a good job. I believe that something is way better than nothing when it comes to telling our stories and documenting our lives.

So what are my BIG plans for the rest of the year? Well, I have some goals...
1. Complete my "week in the life" album
2. Participate in Camp Scrap over at Big Picture Scrapbooking
3. Make a layout for the Paperclipping Festival
4. Participate in scrap camp over at Creating Keepsakes
5. Participate in the October LOAD challenge
6. Submit more pages for potential publication

The ultimate goal in doing all of the above is to:
1. Be published by Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbooks Etc.
2. Become a design team member for a club or website

And how am I going to accomplish this? Well, I could...
1. Scrapbook more
2. Post my pages in various galleries
3. Try, try, and try some more

Anything I do in pursuit of any of these goals will be win-win for me, regardless of whether I actually get published or get onto a design team. And that's pretty cool!

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Kicking off June

I really need to get into the habit of posting more often. Seems I haven't posted a P365 photo since mid-May. Not that much has happened. I have some photos of regular stuff going on. We did make a trip to Arizona at the end of May, and a side-trip to the Grand Canyon, but otherwise we are just doing our usual thing.

June 1
Just to show that everything truly is bigger in Texas, here is a photo of our mosquitos. It was on the window of the car. Wanting to get in and eat us!!

June 2

We had some storm clouds show up in the area. We were under some pretty serious warnings and the clouds were swirling in the sky. There were some reports of a tornado in the county, but luckily not in town.

June 3

Howie's minor league baseball season ended. The best part for David and Oscar is getting snacks from the concession stand. And they love raspas.

June 7
At one of the last games, Grandpa and Oscar enjoying some ice cream.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

I could post them all, but...

Yeah, I know, I haven't posted my LOAD (layout a day) photos since day 17. No good reason other than laziness. I mean, it was nearly midnight when I would post the layouts to the Flickr group. Afterwards, I would go to bed and then the next day would come around and I needed to do a new page. Catching up on the blog wasn't as much a priority as keeping up on the layouts.

To prove that I made all 31 layouts, I photographed my stack. Not all 31 are paper layouts. A few are digital and I haven't printed out for the albums yet.

I surprised myself that I kept up with the layout a day challenge. I find excuses not to scrap or sometimes don't feel like it. But I didn't give up on this one. I needed to prove to myself that I could do it, that I could find the time and energy to put together photos and a memory every day. It helped that Howard was my cheerleader and encouraged me every day.

I'm signed up for LOAD for October. Another 31 days!

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