Friday, July 23, 2010

This boy

I made my page. I think I like it!!

**I decided to add the journaling, in case you wanted to read it.
This Boy

Doesn’t know that he’s only 3 ½ feet tall and the basket is about 8 feet high. This shot is not easy and even if you did know how hard a shot it was, it wouldn’t stop you from trying. You approach everything with a willingness to try, to learn what it takes to accomplish your goal. You have an unwavering determination to meet a challenge and to overcome any obstacles. I don’t know if the shot went in the basket, but it wouldn’t matter. You are going to pickup the ball and keep making that shot attempt. And if it did go in, you’d still pick up the ball with a little more confidence and still keep on practicing. Even at four years old, you already know that with hard work you can accomplish your goals. Nothing’s gonna stop you.

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I haven't scrapbooked since May 31

The intended purpose for this blog was originally for me to share things about my family through my scrapbooking. My own little place to share. And I made some goals all about scrapping religiously and become a known scrapper in the scrapbook world. Hello self, you can't accomplish those goals if you're not scrapbooking!

I went into my scrapbook room yesterday evening and started looking around. What is it that is keeping me unmotivated? I have lots of supplies, plenty of photos, enough room, bunches of motivation. And this morning I spent some time going through my digital photos and organizing them and tweeking them and uploading to Facebook. Killing time? Trying to act like I'm heading in a scrappy direction to cover up the fact that I'm not making anything? Hmmm...

Well I have this one photo sitting on my desk, and I wrote on a scrapbook blog comment today what my thoughts were for the photo. I have a design idea for the page. The last step is to get home and put that page together quick while I've got all the elements in line.


I did want to tell you that while looking through my photos and updating my album on my Facebook page I realized that I take a lot of photos of our food. We are always eating! It's become a family activity, as in we actively seek new places to eat at or foods to make. I should be 300 pounds!

And that led me to think about a new page or even a mini-album about our favorite foods and restaurants and how much we enjoy going out to eat together as a family. There's a story there just waiting to be told.

(In my Arnold Schwarzenneger/Terminator voice) I'll be back! 

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Delicious and the company was great!

We took Friday off (July 9) so that we could enjoy the day in San Antonio and catch a movie. The boys don't have summer program on Fridays, the weather was rainy as it had been for a while already, and things are generally slow to non-existent at the office by week's end. I don't have to justify a day off, I'm just saying...

A friend had recommended we eat at Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant the next time we were at the Rim in San Antonio where the IMAX is located. We've only been to the IMAX once before and have been wanting to go again. With Twilight's Eclipse movie out (and the mob frenzy subsided), it was a good day to see it in all its two-story high glory. So we packed up the boys and invited Bubba, and off we went.

We ate first because we had time to kill and so that we wouldn't load up on concession food and then ruin the after-movie meal. It was a good chance to try Maggiano's but as we drove up, we started to have doubts. There were people going in that were dressed in business attire. The lobby area was beautiful and looked a little expensive. We started to feel a little out of place, but the hostess welcomed us and had the waiter prepare a table for the six of us.

I love to eat at a table with a cloth cover and linen napkins. Even better when they have your appetizer plate set out and the butter knife, salad and dinner forks set out properly. We are not formal people, but we like to eat at nice places. We didn't order an appetizer but snacked on the fresh bread and olive oil dip that was presented. Once our plates arrived, we were in awe. The presentation was beautiful, the smell was wonderful, and after deciding we'd rather eat it than look at it, the taste was delicious. Best of all, I got to enjoy a fabulous lunch with my men and then see a movie!

Oh and the price, right about what we would have spent at Olive Garden. Sadly, I don't think I can go back to Olive Garden now that I know what a fresh parmesan chicken sandwich tastes like.


Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Celebration

For many years now, we have been celebrating the 4th of July here in town at Veterans Park. It started about 2003 when we wanted to be able to enjoy the 4th here at home since we couldn't and most likely wouldn't go out of town to enjoy festivities and fireworks. When I say "we", I literally mean mom, me, Lala, and some other people from town. A handful of people, as volunteers aren't always handy, but good people who help every year to make sure things go smooth. And it was just a one-day festival at the park with food and game booths, some music, and a fireworks show. No big deal...until it turned into a bigger project to build a memorial wall at the park. That project was great and the first year we had enough money and bricks to do that was 2008. We added more bricks in 2009, but only a few this year. We went two days this year, but I think will stick with one day when it doesn't fall on a Saturday or Sunday.

The first night we set up a raspa stand and made about $20. It was rainy and not so much hot as it was humid. And we were only there a couple hours before we packed up the kids and went home as it got late. But Rosalinda and Bubba made some good money at their stand which will help pay for his trip to DC.

Sunday was much better, weather-wise. We were out at the park for a few hours and the boys thoroughly wore themselves out. They ate lots of junk and had plenty of raspas. After the fireworks, we headed home. It was already 10 pm by then, so it had been a long day. But it was a good one.