Sunday, October 17, 2010

Planning for December Daily & Journal Your Christmas

Yes, it's only mid-October, but I'm going to plan ahead and have some fun with this project instead of winging it. I need to remember not to overwhelm myself or my creativity stalls. I haven't made any scrapbook pages lately. I get into my scraproom and kill time on Facebook or Twitter and blogs. I'm desperately needing to MAKE something!

So LOAD (layout a day) isn't going so well this time around. I stopped participating within the first few days, but have been saving the prompts because I do want to get around to them. I've been trying to come up with some of my letter for Me: The Abridged Version. Once I get enough letters/words on my tag book, I hope to be able to fill in the rest. My book of stories isn't quite so hot, but I have made some notes in my notebook and need to re-organize my photos to try to trigger my memory.

Seems I am the queen of unfinished scrapbook projects and classes!

That's okay. Or at least, I'm okay with that. I have lots of projects started, but I'm just not ready to finish them up. Something is missing, whether it's part of the story or design or my creativity. I think if I can get myself organized again things can get back on track. I've had some stressors lately that have just shut me down. But they are gone: taxes are paid, work projects completed.

So in addition to the above projects, I still have my "week in the life" to complete and I need my photos for Project 365. Organizing and printing should get the ball rolling towards completion.

In the meantime, I've taken on a couple more scrap-related projects: December Daily with Ali Edwards and Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle. I plan to combine the two, as Ali's is more of a foundation for recording the holidays and Shimelle's is more of a memory-keeping/journal-writing style project for the holidays.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for this project because I have lots of supplies. I feel the need to have everything coordinated, but love the way others' albums looks with mis-matched stuff and so free-flowing, creatively speaking. I've been inspired by so many other scrapbookers online. I've decided to use an American Crafts 8x8 d-ring album with a chipboard cover and green spine. I won this album from Creating Keepsakes a couple years back and still haven't used it. I also went through my stash of papers last night and pulled out lots of Christmas stuff. Lots of varying styles and colors, but I hope to bring it together.

And since I've got plenty of time, I really want to make the base of my pages over the next few weeks so I'll be ready to take photos and journal in December without having to worry about the design.

How will you be recording your Christmas memories?

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Refresh

It's time for me to step back and refresh my life - well, my scrapbook life, as that is where I am getting hung up here lately.

While I have the usual stresses of a working mom and running a business and running from soccer practice to football practice to the other football practice, I can deal with those in a logical and somewhat organized manner. I just make my little to-do list for work stuff and then work out logistics with Howard for the after-work stuff.

Then at night, after the boys have been tucked in to their beds for the night and I head into my scraproom, I completely lose it. I am so STUCK that I can't create anymore. I took on online class in September to document learning something new every day, and I made the base of my pages. But I haven't finished it. I took a class to use my stash, and made a couple of pages. Didn't really make a dent in my stash there with only a few pages. I took another class to come up with all these stories to scrapbook and another class to make an album about me. For October, I'm participating in a layout a day challenge.

Obviously, I'm not at a loss for inspiration or instruction. Oh yeah, did I mention that while I was in Wichita Falls recently I bought more stuff at a scrapbook store and Hobby Lobby, and then at Archiver's in Austin? Yeah, I came home with a nice new stash.

So as I was trying to gather stories and such, and then as I started LOAD, I realized that I'm not making the kinds of pages that are meaningful to me. Yes, I like what I've done the first few days. But I quit a couple of night ago. Not quit-quit. Just haven't made anything. I wasn't happy with just making a quick page to get something done when I wasn't recording a real story with it, just a cute snippet with the photo.

I decided that I really need to clear my mind and my table. I need to go through my photos and write down the story ideas that come to me. I need to work on getting those story ideas per my class instructions for more ideas. I need to re-organize my supplies in a way to allows me to use my stash, my older stash, more with my new stuff.

I hope to get re-organized in the next few days and start creating again. Maybe then I can catch up on those layout a day prompts, but have some good stories to go with them!

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Perfect Pals

Perfect Pals
Originally uploaded by mcscraps4

This photo is one of my favorites that's been in my pile of photos to be scrapped. I didn't have a particular story to go with it, which is why it's been waiting for me.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed by lots of good and regular stuff today. Nothing bad, just a long list of to-do's, I guess. But I love that no matter how much I argue with these kids to clean their rooms or to quit fighting with each other, at the end of the day, they make everything worth it. I know that the little things we get on them and nag them about are so not major issues. They are typical things that parents nag their kids about. So I get over it pretty easily and then start again the next day. I just love making pages with their gorgeous faces.

This page was really "out of my box" as they say. I don't usually layer all sorts of random stuff. But I was inspired by a layout that May Flaum posted in a recent Big Picture class that was focused on using our stash. I have had many of the embellishments in my stash for far too long. Far. Too. Long.

I think I like how it came together. And it was quick. And I think the focus is still on the photos with just a snippet of how I was feeling today.

Glad to have my 4th layout done for the month for Layout a Day!!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Originally uploaded by mcscraps4

Oh this boy, he's something else!

Today's LOAD challenge was to scrap a photo that said it all. No journaling, but a title was okay. I kept it super simple, because really, with a face like that, no explanation was needed.

I took the photo with my recently new nifty-fifty 50mm f1.8 lens. I haven't had a chance lately to really get into using it. But I took a few photos today, and used the aperture mode, to try it out. It's weird to have to "get in there" to get a photo. I'm used to being able to zoom in. It will take a little getting used to, but so far, I'm enjoying it.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Once Upon a Time...

Once Upon a Time... 

(will add image here, it was accidentally deleted)

Originally uploaded by mcscraps4

I had babies, not these grown boys I see. I remember bringing each of you home, tiny things. And I used to rock you to sleep and gently put you in our bed or in your crib. Now you are each too big to carry. And you each have your own bed to sleep in, but this is how I sometimes find you when I check on you before I go to bed: sleeping together.

I have started Layout a Day with Lain Ehmann for the month of October. This is a month in which scrapbookers are challenged to make, as the challenge is named, a layout a day! Each day we will get a particular challenge to complete if we choose, or we can just be inspired to create a layout of whatever we want.

For our first challenge, we were to create a layout using the title "Once Upon a Time." I took a photo of the boys sleeping together a few nights ago and it instantly came to my mind when I read the challenge. While some people might have taken that title in the direction of a fairytale theme, it didn't cross my mind to come up with some sort of fairytale story. I don't have one! I just have my stories of an ordinary life with some extraordinary people.

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