Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Refresh

It's time for me to step back and refresh my life - well, my scrapbook life, as that is where I am getting hung up here lately.

While I have the usual stresses of a working mom and running a business and running from soccer practice to football practice to the other football practice, I can deal with those in a logical and somewhat organized manner. I just make my little to-do list for work stuff and then work out logistics with Howard for the after-work stuff.

Then at night, after the boys have been tucked in to their beds for the night and I head into my scraproom, I completely lose it. I am so STUCK that I can't create anymore. I took on online class in September to document learning something new every day, and I made the base of my pages. But I haven't finished it. I took a class to use my stash, and made a couple of pages. Didn't really make a dent in my stash there with only a few pages. I took another class to come up with all these stories to scrapbook and another class to make an album about me. For October, I'm participating in a layout a day challenge.

Obviously, I'm not at a loss for inspiration or instruction. Oh yeah, did I mention that while I was in Wichita Falls recently I bought more stuff at a scrapbook store and Hobby Lobby, and then at Archiver's in Austin? Yeah, I came home with a nice new stash.

So as I was trying to gather stories and such, and then as I started LOAD, I realized that I'm not making the kinds of pages that are meaningful to me. Yes, I like what I've done the first few days. But I quit a couple of night ago. Not quit-quit. Just haven't made anything. I wasn't happy with just making a quick page to get something done when I wasn't recording a real story with it, just a cute snippet with the photo.

I decided that I really need to clear my mind and my table. I need to go through my photos and write down the story ideas that come to me. I need to work on getting those story ideas per my class instructions for more ideas. I need to re-organize my supplies in a way to allows me to use my stash, my older stash, more with my new stuff.

I hope to get re-organized in the next few days and start creating again. Maybe then I can catch up on those layout a day prompts, but have some good stories to go with them!

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Blogger Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

I love that you are stepping back to make your scrapbooking meaningful to you and not just something you do to complete a class assignment. Great reminder that the wonderful online resources should serve us in preserving our photos + stories, not the other way around!

October 11, 2010 at 8:01 PM  

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